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The pressurized blasting box serves for manual surface treatment before subsequent operations, such as welding, painting, etc.

Spolmont is a specialist for individual approach and a complex solution for modern blasting boxes.

More than 20 years of experience, hundreds of realizations and satisfied users are proof that we understand blasting.

The base of the quality product is a quality surface. That's why we make sure that our products have 100% quality.

Contact us to verify our professionalism for yourself.


Construction readiness for blasting boxes is an important part related to the actual delivery of the technology. Thanks to years of development, Spolmont has achieved maximum savings with the required modifications - low sinks for field collections and high variability of the solutions will ensure your savings in construction readiness. Of course we also provide drawing and optimizing the location of your workplace by surface blasting (we solve connection of the compressor to blasting).

We have developed the cabin construction as a modular, sandwich system of blasting boxes that takes into account all aspects of the workplace - noise elimination, inside casing protection, optimum airflow, integrated power lighting, door protection system and much more.

We will adapt to the place and dimension, use the existing design and create a customized solution together with the customer.

The design also includes a service door for operator and entrance or exit door that can be supplied and installed in various variations (double-wing, sliding, folding, lifting, etc.).

Of course, it is possible to install an automatic electric or pneumatic door opening / closing to extend the service life and functionality of the door. The construction of the box can be easily adjusted for the possibility of installing, for example, hoists for easy handling inside the blasting box.


Rubber lining of walls and ceilings is a reliable protection of your box. Homogeneous, abrasion-resistant materials all over the surface of the panel prove a high service life against the previously used "Bisonyl sheet" that used to crack on the boxes. Another unquestionable advantage is prevention of abrasive and dust piling behind the tarps or hanging rubber, and hence much better cleanliness in the blasting box and around it.

The design takes into account the requirements for the sound insulation of the blasting box against the outside (about 83 dB)

Spolmont means a sophisticated system of protection of your blasting box!


Lighting is no less important part of the blasting box and therefore we pay attention to this part. So the operator always has enough light to perform blasting of all parts of the structure in the box at any of its place.

Lighting is integrated into the ceiling and the side structure, it does not project into the space and it is better protected against blasting.

We use modern LED lighting to save your operating costs by about 70-80% against classic discharge lamps

Lighting can be enhanced by adding lighting to the nozzle for blasting internal parts and cavities. A welcome novelty is also the possibility of installing LED illumination on the NOVA 3 mask.


The filtering unit is a very important part of the blasting box because it provides a clean working environment, good visibility in the cabin, no dust on the blasted surface, but above all a good abrasive separation. Quality filtering also influences the life of the spare parts and determines the overall quality of the blasting process, not to mention the impact on hygiene and occupational safety and the environment.

Spolmont can offer you a filtering unit of their own development and own production, which, thanks to their parameters, belong among the top professional products. As with other products, we place great emphasis on high quality and long service life. Here we also focus on the long filter performance stability, which is a fairly important problem with competing filters. Thanks to our proven system, users appreciate above-standard service life with the minimum need to replace the filter media and thus reducing the operating costs.


The filtering unit is designed with respect to the size of the box as well as the type of the blasting medium.

All our filtering units are supplied with automatic filtering media regeneration through a pressure cleaning system with solenoid valve control. High-quality polyester or fabric material is used as a filtering medium.

Spolmont also produces filtering equipment for other applications, such as dust extraction from grinding, extraction from welding, etc.

Spolmont also provides a relatively extensive service to filtering units not only of its own production.

Contact our sales department to see our products.


Do you want to install a blasting box outdoor or in an unheated hall and you want to heat the box? Spolmont also has a heating system fort the blasting boxes designed. It is designed individually according to the location of the blasting station and the requirements of the particular user.

If you require a box heating system, please contact our sales department.



Our production company, thanks to many years of development, brings the system of rake conveyors driven by electric drives to perfection In recent years, we have worked, developed and perfected this trouble-free, long-term, economical abrasive collection system.

We are able to design and install other methods of abrasive collection as well, but thanks to our experience, the field conveyors, thanks to the efficiency of their work, costs and above all service simplicity, are the most appropriate solution (subject to certain requirements).

Our system is therefore characterized by a minimal requirement for floor construction (conveyor height 126 mm). The conveyors are driven by drives placed outside of the blasting box, thus significantly prolonging the lifetime of the main drive components. The entire floor system is covered with floor grids. The conveyors are supplied in different widths, thanks to which this system is very variable. The advantage of the system is the long service life (razor blades protected with special rubber) at minimal cost compared to pneumatic drive. The rakes are placed between the rails in the case of rail loading.

SPOLMONT has focused on the operational savings of the entire system, which is launched gradually in relation to the blasting and automatically shuts down when it is idle. All this is controlled by a new generation of control system with simple control on the PLC on the el. switchboard. Our innovative cost-saving solution saves your costs by more than 30% against previous classic systems.

This sophisticated system is also designed to be comprehensible and usable for under-qualified operators.

Besides this collection, it is proposed for some implementations to collect the abrasive by worm conveyors, or by their types of pneumatic collection, which may have their advantages in rare cases.


It is provided with a hopper bucket elevator, followed by a three-stage cleaning of the abrasive in a multi-stage modern sorter (including a connection to a dust extraction filtering unit) and a subsequent silo (or two silos) and tank above the pressure blasting unit. The entire system features a number of technical details and a practical design that distinguishes our design from our competitors.

Our own development, design and production, together with the feedback of our customers, ranks us among the foremost surface treatment companies.

The location of the transverse rake is variable and the rake can be in and out of the box; according to the box capacity, the floor collection motors, which are mounted in the frames in the low end sumps, are placed.

The entire system of floor slats is designed to be easily replaced, only the rubber rails wear out. The construction has undergone many years of development, and there is a whole range of details that put this technology among the first places in the industry.


The pressure blasting unit is undoubtedly the most important part of the blasting box. That is why we deliver blasting units that are tailored to our technology experience and therefore meet all customer requirements for optimal performance. Most often a blasting unit of 200 litres is installed in the blasting boxes, achieving the ideal length of one blasting cycle. The ABS blasting units we use are also being tested for years in heavy duty, non-stop operations where they have superior performance and service life. The units are fitted with simple, but highly efficient valves that function perfectly! Therefore, these valves are becoming more popular and are often installed on foreign production units. Also very important is the tight connection of the blasting unit to the assembly of the technology, i.e. the connection to the clean abrasive tank. Here again, we have developed a functional interlocking element to avoid excessive dusting, while allowing a simple control of the abrasive mixture through the inspection opening. Of course, there is a complete installation of the unit, which already has a residual condensate separator, a blow-out silencer, a terminal for the connection of both the air inlet and the blast hose.


The "Brain" of our next-generation blasting boxes is a central control system. It's here to make it easy for you to control all your devices. It increases the comfort of use, it is a practical helper that saves you not only energy but also your time. It is a modern solution for managing all parts of the technology and also for collecting data that is important for the most optimal traffic settings. Thanks to this advanced system, the blasting function is automatically monitored - when it is idle, the technology is shut down and the blast starts again automatically when it is started. We also monitor the life of the nozzle and its proper replacement so that this system saves the expensive production of compressed air. Thanks to our advanced control system, we minimize operator costs. Of course, it is possible to connect the whole technology to a superior system, with the possibility of data collection, remote control, etc.

An important part of the box connects all the technologies delivered to the central switchgear. The complete design, including all security and control elements, ensures smooth operation of the workplace with PLC display and today's safety and technical requirements. Not only the time tracking of the operation, not only the blasting, but also the separate filtration unit are performed It links to regular maintenance intervals and extends the service life of the technology. High-quality control elements are used, with the emphasis on e.g. the saving of electric motor start-up through the motor starter 6-10A. Multi-function time relay and other unified features ensure full compatibility and long service life.

The individual and professional approach of our team to every project that begins with the design of the technological flow of production and does not end with the transfer of technology into operation is a matter of course that we provide to our customers.



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It is a matter of course for Spolmont to ensure adequate filtering of blasting boxes.


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