Continuous blasting machines with roller conveyor are usually used for blasting of input metallurgical materials, i.e. they are ideal for blasting sheets and profiles of various sizes and shapes. Larger continuous blasting machines are even able to blast more sophisticated welded parts. However, they must be capable of being transported on a roller conveyor or in a jig.

The size and performance of the blasting machine is designed according to customer requirements and the length and capacity of the roller conveyor.

The incoming blasted material continuously passes through the blast cabin where blasting is automatically performed. The turbines are installed at an optimum angle and spacing with respect to the blasted part so as to efficiently blast the desired surface.

Blasting machines are equipped with an assembly for removal of the abrasive left on a blasted surface. The assembly may consist of a screw conveyor, a sweeping brush, and a nozzle assembly. Thanks to this system, the blasting machine runs out of the blasting machine without any residual abrasive

If blasting is required on parts vulnerable to deformations, e.g. sheets under 4mm of thickness, it is necessary to equip the blasting machine with a frequency converter of the blasting wheels that will reduce the blasting force, preventing deformation of the blasted material.


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