Drum blasting machines are designed for blasting small and larger parts, which can be placed on an endless belt of the drum conveyor. The most frequent customers and users of this equipment are mainly forgeries, foundries, and processors of non-ferrous metals.

Blasting machines are manufactured in more size variants, taking into account the requirements for the maximum weight and volume of the batch.

If you need to blast a large number of forgings or castings, it is best to equip the drum bladder with a pneumatic or hydraulic loader (skip) and a vibratory or belt conveyor at the blasting machine outlet. These elements or other manipulators can be easily installed to existing blasting machines.

If blasting is required on parts vulnerable to deformations, it is necessary to equip the blasting machine with a frequency converter of the blasting wheels that will reduce the blasting force, preventing deformation of the blasted material. The nozzle may also be provided with a frequency converter of the endless belt revolutions.



TG 5  ocelový nekonečný pás gumový nekonečný pás

TG 7    vybavení provozů bubnovými tryskači

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