Dust-free blasting machines are primarily designed for spaces and processes where blasting box technology or machine blasting technology installation is not possible and where room variability is required. Most commonly, these devices are used for large sized welded welds. The equipment is movable and allows blasting and extraction of abrasive used.

For a wider range of applications, different end caps can be supplied depending on the shape of the blasting surfaces. For further information, please contact our sales department.


The equipment is supplied in various outputs and designs (pressure or injector, electro pneumatic or pneumatic).

Mobile injector blasting unit for dust-free blasting with minimal compressed air requirements. The extraction system sucks and cleans the abrasive, which can be used multiple times to reduce operating costs.

At the bottom part with the wheels, there is an container of the extractor used for dust particles on which the body of the device with the magazine and the cyclone of the abrasive are mounted . The device is equipped with a suction and blasting hose (this one is outside the suction one) with a special  (Ø 6 mm) nozzle and handle. Variability allows the use of several types of nozzles as required for blasting different surfaces and edges. The air connection terminal is ended by a shut-off valve. Any lighter abrasive (we recommend a diameter up to 0.4 mm), such as corundum, glass beads, etc., can be used for blasting.

Technical specification of the equipment  
Dimensions of the blasting equipment with extraction width 300 mm, height 560 mm
Power 1 000 W
Compressed air consumption 500 l/min at a pressure of 0,7 MPa
Type of the filter of dust particles filter with particle separator
Capturing of dust particles under 3 mg



hlavice pro Blaster 2

Various types of suction nozzles (for surface blasting, edge blasting, brush nozzle, V-shaped nozzle) can be delivered for the machine. We will design according to your request for blasting.


Compared with a dust-free injector blasting unit, it is a more efficient blasting design The principle of pressure blasting is consists in simultaneous blasting and abrasive extraction, including dust particles, which are then separated in the system (separation of dust particles into the container and reuse of the abrasive for further blasting).

vnitrni tryskani

The sizes of the nozzle and suction hose are aimed at the maximum output at the corresponding compressed air requirement (for compressed dust --free units, the demand for compressed air is higher- it is used both for blasting and extraction). The unit as a whole is on a mobile chassis, enabling it to be transported to the desired blasting site - used especially when the surface needs to be repaired, surface needs to be blasted, and the classic free blasting method cannot be used.


The abrasive is driven by a pressure hose into a special brush-tipped nozzle (set - 3 types of brushes for blasting surfaces and edges and corners) and it is also extracted, cleaned in NFV filters and returned back to the circulation. It can be blasted not only with corundum, but also with cast iron and steel grit up to a fraction size (grain size of the abrasive) of 0.8 to 1.2 mm. The unit control is pneumatic. The whole unit is mobile, on the chassis and it is connected to compressed air in operation. The unit is multifunctional and it can be used for the abrasive extraction - cleaning after the end of blasting


  • 15m length of hoses from the unit - including: 1 "hose 1" + suction hose 2 "+ double-line control hose with switch and all necessary connectors

  • Toughened Al nozzle head, inner head with a rotating flange, internal head 90°

  • Ø6,4 (1/4") borcarbid nozzle

  • Automatic filter cleaning system

  • Set of standard brushes (brush flange, 90 ° inner corner brush , 90 °  external corner brush)

  • Operations manual (technical specifications, installation, list of parts and drawings, maintenance, list of possible faults, warranty information)

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