The filtering unit is used to extract contaminated air.

Spolmont can offer you a filtering unit of their own development and own production, which, thanks to their parameters, belong among the top professional products. As with other products, we place great emphasis on high quality and long service life. Here we also focus on the long filter performance stability, which is a fairly important problem with competing filters. Thanks to our proven system, users appreciate above-standard service life with the minimum need to replace the filter media and thus reducing the operating costs.


Spolmont does not produce and supply filtering units only for air or blasting applications, but also for dust extraction from grinding, welding, etc.

Filtering units are therefore designed with regard to the specification of the exhausted polluted air either as cartridge filters or as a flat element filter.

All our filtering units are supplied with automatic filtering media regeneration through a pressure cleaning system with solenoid valve control. High-quality polyester or fabric material is used as a filtering medium.

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Spolmont proposes to its customers a comprehensive filtering solution, which means we also recommend the use of residual filtered air in summer / winter mode with secondary filtering, switching of individual exhausted sections with servo flaps or pneumatic pistons (according to the technology), etc.

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