Injector Cabins

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Injection blasting cabins are designed for professional blasting especially with light abrasives (corundum, glass beads, plastic abrasive). They are mainly used for blasting stainless steel, aluminium, copper, duralumin, glass, but they can also be used for blasting iron.  They work on the principle of a fixer, whereby a light abrasive is sucked in by the vacuum, mixed with the compressed air in the gun and then it is blasted onto the blasted surface. These cabins are ergonomically designed for a whole-day work and emphasize blasting comfort to ensure high performance and quality of treated surfaces.

Injector cabins have an advantage over pressure cabins due to the possibility of blasting at a lower pressure of up to 1 Bar. This is important in special applications susceptible to deformation of thin-walled material, sweeping, etc. Another advantage is also the lower demand for compressed air than for pressure booths.

Spolmont is the manufacturer of all the blasting cabins offered. We place emphasis on first-class quality of workmanship and the use of the highest quality and state-of-the-art features will ensure the highest performance in the given class. Blast cabinets are custom made, according to specific requirements. By customizing cabin equipment and cabin, you get more added value with our cabin in the form of faster blasting times, handling = cost savings!

The windows and lights of the injection cabins are equipped with a replaceable foil that is easily replaceable and saves replacement of the safety glass. The booths have energy-saving and high-quality LED illumination installed in multiple directions to provide the best illumination of the blasted object. Cabin doors can be made on the front or side as required by the customer. The hopper is provided with a lower hinged part for easy abrasive replacement. Safe blast control is ensured by the foot pedal. Each cabin is equipped with the condensate separator, equipped with a pressure regulator at the compressed air inlet to the cabin.


  • Turntable
  • Turntable with side loading
  • Turntable or loading table drive
  • Rotary drum for automatic blasting of larger series of smaller parts
  • Magnetic separation of iron oxides, or other types of separation
  • Side passes for blasting longer parts
  • Robot for precise and effective blasting

Contact us, you will surely appreciate our individual approach to your requirements and the variability of our cabins!


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