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Mobile units are suitable for blasting outside the blasting box They consist of the pressure tank itself and special valves and elements Blasting units are delivered fully assembled, ready for immediate use They connect only to the compressed air, where the overall air consumption is important As an abrasive, recyclable abrasive materials, especially steel grit, corundum, or glass beads are used. In the applications where it is not possible to recollect and recycle the abrasive used, e.g. outside, we use e.g. slag, which is an ecological replacement for siliceous sand.

Blasting performance depends especially on the type of the nozzle and the type of the abrasive used. ABS blasting units are professional blasting units with the pressure tank volume ranging from 18 to 300 l, which influences the time of blasting without refilling the abrasive. It is a blasting device equipped with innovated control elements that provide long service life and lower the costs of blasting. Besides standard blasting units, we also offer blasting units that allow connecting of two blasting hoses from one tank or units with double-shell pressure tank allowing continuous operation.

Spolmont pays a great attention to the value and reliability of the blasting equipment.


Schema ABS

We recommend using the universal tank size of 140l or 200l, which is optimal when it comes to price, handling, and time of blasting.  You can get more information from our representatives, who will be glad to help you with your choice and who will also recommend a suitable accessories for you.

  • How is the blasting control solved? 

    In a simple way, from the place of blasting, by pneumatic jaws. This way of control meets all safety criteria and saves operating costs not only for abrasive but especially for compressed air.

  • What does the accessory consist of?
    They are parts outside of the blasting unit itself, i.e. blasting and control hoses, nozzle, protective mask, protective mask filter, operating jaws and fasteners. Also a wide range of protective equipment such as overalls for blasting, protective vests, gloves,...
  • How to choose the length of the blasting hose?
    It depends on the blasting distance from the blasting unit (the blast unit is placed in one place and the blasting and control hoses are connected to the jetting point). The basic set for the unit is 20m long, then an extension with a connecting hose up to 40m (i.e., 10, 20 and 30m) can be chosen.  The hoses in the 40 m set can be connected to make bigger length as needed for the blasting.

    Please note: Purchase only proven good blasting hoses - see. assortment of hoses in our e-shop.

  • Who will train me how to use the unit and how to maintain it?
    On delivery, you will receive operating instructions, as well as training, unit commissioning, etc.
  • I'm interested in renting a unit, not buying it
    In case you want to rent a blasting unit for free blasting or other blasting equipment, such as cabins, contact our sales department with your request. Of course there are complex services provided with blasting equipment rental.

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