tryskací kabina

Pressure blasting cabins are designed for professional blasting with all kinds of available abrasives (steel grit, steel granulate, corundum, garnet, glass beads, plastic abrasive, slag, etc.). They are used in all industries - the engineering industry, automotive, aerospace, foundry and timber industries, where wood elements can be blasted to highlight "annual rings" or imitate old furniture.


The abrasive is mixed with the compressed air in a pressure tank, located largely under the cabin, and from there it is then distributed by means of an abrasive valve to the blasting hose which is led into the cabin space and blasted over the blasted surface through the nozzle. These cabins are ergonomically designed for a whole-day work and emphasize blasting comfort to ensure high performance and quality of treated surfaces.

The advantage of the pressure booths over the injector booths is several times bigger power and the possibility of using all types of abrasive, which can help to achieve better results and lower operating costs. Pressure booths can therefore also be used for blasting after welding and other repairs for which the injector system is insufficient.

Blast cabinets are custom made, according to specific requirements. By customizing cabin equipment and cabin, you get more added value with our cabin in the form of faster blasting times, handling = cost savings!

Tlaková kabina pro tryskání
Tlaková kabina pro tryskání 2
Tlaková kabina - vnitřní pohled
Větší tlaková kabina pro tryskání
Konstrukce tryskací kabiny
Tryskací kabina s otočným stolem
Otočný stůl v tryskací kabině
Komplexní řešení tryskací kabiny


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