Table blasting machines are designed for blasting of smaller parts that are loosely loaded on a rotating table. For rotating blasting machines, it is necessary to carry out secondary blasting because it is necessary to rotate the blasted object and blast it from the other side to achieve blasting from all sides.

If blasting is required on parts vulnerable to deformations, it is necessary to equip the blasting machine with a frequency converter of the blasting wheels that will reduce the blasting force, preventing deformation of the blasted material.

 stolový tryskací stroj    stolový tryskač s metacím kolem

When installing a blasting machine into a foundry with the occurrence of foundry sand on castings, the blasting machine is as a standard also equipped with a two-stage magnetic separator to remove undesirable sand, which dramatically reduces the lifetime of not only the blasting turbines but all parts of the machine.

The table blasting machine with TSM 1-250 blasting wheel is a desirable and successful type because of the relatively large blasting space and small build-in space.


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